Summer Lovin’

School is out and summer in our home has officially begun! I love the freedom from fast paced schedules and homework. It’s a time for us to explore nature, new ideas and travel; we have time and psychic space for adventures. However, along with all the fun and freedom during summer, there are also a few perils.

This year, the media and CDC are focused on the Zika Virus and the inevitability of it’s infiltration in the United States. State governors are asking Congress for money to invest in prevention which is code for them wanting to buy and spray huge quantities of pesticides in the air.

My focus is on non-toxic protection. In response to mosquitos and other pesky summer insects (not the wonderful beneficial ones that do not transmit diseases) I have created an organic essential oil blend called CYBERUS which repels mosquitos. It is a must have for summer, especially if you spend time outside in the evening. It’s a great product for the whole family (it can be used with coconut or jojoba oil to dilute it for children) and can even be used on dogs. When I take my dogs hiking, I roll a little bit of CYBERUS on my hand and rub it along their topcoat from the neck to the tail. CLICK HERE TO BUY CYBERUS.


As many of you know, I am a licensed psychotherapist (MFT). Although I have not worked with clients for many years, my desire to support those on the path to healing and self-awareness remains a central focus of my life. Each of the SAHAJA Essential Oil Wellness Blends was created to help people feel well. Recently, I have received requests for blends to help with depression and anxiety, lack of focus and restlessness, severe sleep problems, and muscle aches from injury or athletic exertion. Below are photos of these new blends.

beautiful yellow perf deep in sand top off and next to bottleperfumebottlesonrocks

Clockwise from top left are OPTIMISM, SWEET DREAMS, MUSCLE ELIXIR & CONCENTRATION. Click on the photos to learn more about each organic ESSENTIAL OIL WELLNESS BLEND.


As you ask for more wellness blends to help your body heal from colds, coughs, stress and other daily challenges, I create them! Check out all the ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL WELLNESS BLENDS on my website! They should be in your medicine cabinet.

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