SAHAJA Essential Oils Refer-A-Friend Commission Program Overview

You’ve anointed yourself with one of your favorite SAHAJA Essential Oils artisan blends, and
friends are saying, “Your scent is intoxicating—what are you wearing?”  They notice your
confidence, grounded joie de vivre, more relaxed way of relating, laser focus and loving vibe
and they want to know what you’re doing. You tell them about your SAHAJA blends and how
much you appreciate the artisan, organic, high quality products. Maybe you are wearing a
collaboration blend so you tell them about your yoga teacher and the interwoven loving

Of course, they want to know how to buy some of these delectable blends for themselves and
their loved ones. You have the ability to fulfill their wishes by giving them a link to the SAHAJA
website all while receiving a free SAHAJA product for yourself or while earning a little pocket

But for clarity’s sake, let me say that the Refer-A-Friend Commission Program is not designed
to replace your job, nor be a big financial windfall. This program is designed to put our
marketing resources back into our beloved community, our greatest asset! No one can better
describe how SAHAJA blends enhance your quality of life and support any weak points in your
healthy lifestyle than you! You have personal experience and your friends trust your opinion.
The free SAHAJA product or monetary commission is our way of expressing appreciation for
your effort to support us and share what we create and offer.
Our goal is to grow our community, to share the love and balanced lifestyle and you are our best
ambassador! Also, it really helps us get the word out about SAHAJA blends—in a way that we
cannot do all on our own.

How the Refer-A-Friend Commission Program Works

THE SAHAJA Essential Oils Refer-A-Friend Commission Program offers you an opportunity to
receive a free SAHAJA sample blend of your choice OR 5% commission on any SAHAJA sale
of products and services that is the result of your SAHAJA Refer-A-Friend invitation link. Our
program will recognize your link when your friends shop on the SAHAJA website and record
your commission when your contact places an order using the link you gave them. The site only
tracks and offers commission to you when your friend uses your link.
You need to register on the SAHAJA Essential Oils website by clicking on the Refer-A-Friend
Commision Program Page in the drop down menu and follow the simple steps to sign up and
get your personal link.

Note: By law, you must let your contacts know that you will receive either a free SAHAJA EO
product/s or monetary commission if they purchase any products or services from SAHAJA
Essential Oils using your Refer-A-Friend link.

I Want To Support SAHAJA Essential Oils and Join the Refer-A-Friend Program. What’s
Yay! We love that you want to be an integral part of the SAHAJA community and help spread
the word about our amazing products and services.

To complete the registration process, You’ll be asked to provide a PayPal account email, and
your preferred email address for communications and in a follow-up email to you we will ask you
to complete a W9 form. Once those steps are complete and we have your W9 on file, you will
be ready to let all of your friends and family know about SAHAJA Essential Oils and receive a
commission when they make a purchase.

I’m already a Refer-A-Friend Affiliate. Take me to my account.

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