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Dead Sea Bath Salts with therapeutic grade essential oils, including rose, frankincense and lavender.

Available in 1oz, 4oz and 8oz.



Product Description

PASSION POTION DEAD SEA BATH SALTS is hand-crafted in small batches and made from the highest quality ingredients. Botek large grain sea salt from the Southern region of the Dead Sea is sun-dried to preserve its high mineral content.  Abundant amounts of pure, unadulterated therapeutic grade essential oils (Ylang-Ylang, Neroli, Frankinsence, Lavender and Sandalwood) are blended into the sea salt so they have a divine fragrance and infuse your bath with the wellness benefits of each of the oils. PASSION POTION has a warm, sensual scent…perfect for those moments when you want to relax in a sumptuous bath and dream about who and what you love.

Every tub of PASSION POTION comes with an artisan ceramic scoop, imprinted with the image of a beautiful mandala. Individually crafted by Topangan potter, Kirsty Iredale, these scoops can be used long after your tub of PASSION POTION is empty. 

Directions: Pour two or more scoops of Dead Sea Bath Salts into warm bath water. Inhale the glorious fragrant aroma. Soak, nourish and detoxify your body while drifting off into your wildest daydreams.

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1oz, 4oz, 8oz


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