MIA KIMIKO Essential Oil Blend



MIA KIMIKO which means “my everlasting flower” in Japanese, is an exquisite floral blend—sensual, feminine and grounding. Like the blend’s namesake, yoga teacher and life coach, MIA TOGO, this blend will inspire and uplift you. Wearing MIA KIMIKO is like stepping into a gentle rain that washes away fears, revealing your authentic loving self.

MIA KIMIKO is a limited edition signature blend of Bulgarian Rose (uplifting, calming, aphrodisiac), Ambrette Seed (aphrodisiac, calming, grounding), Gardenia (uplifting, sensual, anti-bacterial), Indian Sandalwood (supports mental clarity, relaxing, aphrodisiac and from a reforestation project in Australia), Black Pepper (eases anxiety, detoxifying), Golden Jojoba Oil (nourishes skin and has antioxidant properties making it an ideal base for essential oil blends).

“Asanas allow the student to observe the energy they carry so that it reveals where healing is needed and transformation can take place. We all have a purpose, a soul journey. It is through our fears that our courage is revealed and through the darkness we find our light. My purpose as a teacher is to allow the student to have an authentic experience that is sacred, healing, uplifting, and inspired by spirit.”


Each bottle of MIA KIMIKO is a balanced blend of the highest quality essential oils formulated to be divinely fragrant and support wellness. Each 15 ml bottle has a roll-on top which is covered by a shiny gold-colored lined cap. The delivery system prevents spillage and you can control how much you wear!

Directions For Use: Apply MIA KIMIKO to your wrists and to the back of your neck. The fragrance of MIA KIMIKO will evolve over time, as you wear it. SAHAJA blends are intentionally complex with top notes that will absorb and evaporate more quickly than the base notes which have a more tenacious scent. Reapply as often as desired. Due to the economical and spill-proof roll-on application system, your bottle of MIA KIMIKO Essential Oil blend will last a long time. Avoid getting the essential oil blend in your eyes. If you have any adverse reaction to an essential oil, dilute it by adding a cold-pressed oil to the area. Water does not dilute an oil; it may intensify the effects.

MIA KIMIKO can be worn topically or used in a high quality essential oil diffuser.


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