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KERALA Perfume is a sweet, charismatic and earthy blend of amber, tangerine, vanilla and cinnamon leaf with other subtle organic, wild-crafted essential oils plus a small amount of jojoba oil to offset heat. For making friends and increased success.



KERALA Essential Oil Perfume is a charismatic, sensual, and earthy blend of Amber (aphrodisiac, energizing for the heart, immune system booster), Tangerine (soothing, cleansing, antiseptic), Vanilla (antidepressant, reduces inflammation, antioxidant) and Cinnamon (warming, mentally stimulating) with other subtle essential oils plus a small amount of jojoba oil to offset heat. Don’t be surprised if you start attracting new friends, colleagues and success when you wear KERALA; it has an alluring fragrance.

Each bottle of organic & wild-crafted Essential Oil Perfume is a balanced blend of the highest quality essential oils formulated to be divinely fragrant and support wellness. All bottles are 15 ml and have a roll-on top which is covered by a gold-colored lined cap. The delivery system prevents spillage and you can control how much you wear!

Directions For Use: Apply KERALA to your wrists and to the back of your neck. The SAHAJA perfume fragrances will evolve over time, as you wear them. They are intentionally complex with top notes that will absorb and evaporate more quickly than the base notes which have a more tenacious scent. Reapply as often as desired. Due to the economical and spill-proof roll-on application system, your SAHAJA Essential Oils Perfumes will last a long time. Avoid getting the SAHAJA blend or single oil in your eyes. If you have any adverse reaction to an essential oil, dilute it by adding a cold-pressed oil to the area. Water does not dilute an oil; it may intensify the effects.

Directions for Using KERALA In An Essential Oil Diffuser: Lift off KERALA’s roll-on top, insert the orifice reducer that comes with every SAHAJA Essential Oil bottle and push down on the orifice reducer until it fits snugly into the bottle. Add 5-7 drops of KERALA to your diffuser.


  1. SASHA

    Okay! We all like to smell fresh and lovely, right? But have you noticed that commercially made perfumes – the ones that are sold for exorbitant prices in high-rent department stores – actually give you headaches, make you feel ill, and leave the most distressingly cloying odors behind you when you exit the elevator. How many times have you held your breath until the perfume BOMB person steps out of the elevator!?!?! The beauty of Sahaja’s florals “perfume” blends is that they are formulated from pure essential oils; and as thus, do not carry the dangerous, toxic additives found in ALL commercial perfumes – yes, ALL, and, yes, toxic. Commercial perfumes are not only sickly sweet in their fragrances, they are poisonous. Also, and very important, is Sahaja’s roll-on top applicator. This applicator is “genius,” because it allows you to quickly apply the fragrance without mussing your hands, the inside of your purse, and without trailing the smells of a perfume factory behind you. I went to one of Sahaja’s incredible open houses where I experienced all her florals – and, yes, it was a tough decision which one to try FIRST. KERALA drew me in with it’s warmth and richness; I fell in love with it immediately, and the easy-to-carry strong glass bottle lives (happily) in the bottom of my purse – always ready to swirl on my neck, my wrists, under my nostrils – or the palms of my hands.

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