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HYDRA is a minty blend of organic, therapeutic grade essential oils formulated to provide relief from stress headaches.



HYDRA is a cool, soothing blend of organic Peppermint (relieves headaches, improves mental focus, reduces muscle spasms, cooling), Lavender (relaxing, antidepressant, anti anxiety, calming) and Eucalyptus (relieves mental exhaustion, anti inflammatory) essential oils created for people who gets stress headaches. HYDRA also energizes the mind when you feel sleepy or need an afternoon pick-me-up. When diffused in a room, HYDRA has a cool, fresh mint scent that is refreshing and energizing.

Each bottle of organic & wild-crafted Essential Oil Wellness Blend is a balanced melange of the highest quality essential oils formulated to be divinely fragrant and support wellness. All bottles are 15 ml and have a roll-on top which is covered by a gold-colored lined cap. The delivery system prevents spillage and you can control how much you wear!

Directions For Topical Use: Apply the essential oil to your wrists and to the back of your neck. The SAHAJA Wellness Blends evolve over time, as you wear them. They are intentionally complex with top notes that will absorb and evaporate more quickly than the base notes which have a more tenacious scent. Re-apply as often as desired. Due to the economical and spill-proof roll-on application system, your SAHAJA Essential Oils Wellness Blends will last a long time. Avoid getting the SAHAJA blend or single oil in your eyes. If you have any adverse reaction to an essential oil, dilute it by adding a cold-pressed oil to the area. Water does not dilute an oil; it may intensify the effects.

Directions for Using HYDRA In An Essential Oil Diffuser: Lift off HYDRA’s roll-on top and insert the orifice reducer that comes with every bottle of Sahaja Essential Oil Wellness Blend and Essential Oil Singles. Push down on the orifice reducer until it fits snugly into the bottle. Add 5-7 drops of HYDRA to your diffuser.


  1. ALEXANDRA (verified owner)

    Simply said, I LOVE this blend. It’s unique because it functions on a variety of levels – the peppermint definitely increases mental clarity. There have been studies of workers in companies in Japan, whose productivity has increased mightily with the addition of peppermint being diffused. Anyone in your family studying for tests? Anecdotally, I’ve read that test scores can jump as much as 33% using peppermint essential oil. With Sahaja’s handy roll-on bottle, rub it on your forehead, in the palms of your hands and BREATHE IN deeply. The clary sage in this blend is remarkable because it is an anti-bacterial product working behind the scenes killing numerous strains of bacteria. It, with the lavender, creates a calming effect even though your brain is sharp as a tack – you’re not the slightest bit “rattled,” and any signs of anxiety melt away. By the way, clary sage is also highly beneficial for those menstrual or menopausal “moments.” This blend also smells delicious in a natural and non-jarring way. I’ve even worn it to yoga classes and events and received only the loveliest feedback. Everyone wants it; it’s so fresh and upbeat; yet, it calms everyone down around me as well. A winner blend and product, for sure.

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