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GIFT Perfume is made from Myrrh, Sandalwood and Frankincense–oils mentioned in the bible and offered by the Magi. Perfect for parties, date night and meditation.

Product Description

beautiful yellow perf deep in sand top off and next to bottle

GIFT Essential Oil Wellness Blend Perfume is made from Myrrh, Sandalwood and Frankincense– all oils mentioned in the bible as being offered by the Magi. This triad of oils is soothing for the skin and can be used on your face to create a nourishing, radiant glow. GIFT is also perfect for holiday parties, meditation or religious celebrations .

Directions For Use: Apply GIFT to your wrists and to the back of your neck. The SAHAJA Essential Oil Wellness Blends will evolve over time, as you wear them. They are intentionally complex with top notes that will absorb and evaporate more quickly than the base notes which have a more tenacious scent. Reapply as often as desired. Due to the economical and spill-proof roll-on application system, your SAHAJA Wellness Blends will last a long time. Avoid getting the SAHAJA blend or single oil in your eyes. If you have any adverse reaction to an essential oil, dilute it by adding a cold-pressed oil to the area. Water does not dilute an oil; it may intensify the effects.

Directions for Using GIFT In An Essential Oil Diffuser: Lift off GIFT’s roll-on top, insert the orifice reducer that comes with every SAHAJA Wellness Blend and push down on the orifice reducer until it fits snugly into the bottle. Add 5-7 drops of GIFT to your diffuser.


  1. 5 out of 5


    This smells and feels like the Garden of Joy…. sweet and deep… true love.

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