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…yoga studios have taken to stocking wonderful balms and salves and oils for students to purchase and take home. These all-natural products are often hand-made and come in appealingly lo-fi packaging that makes it hard not to view them as the ’90s zines of the contemporary beauty world. My collection of vials and jars is there for me when I am having trouble falling asleep or, as has been the case more recently, calming down after looking at Twitter. Below, five small-batch skin-care companies worth bending over backwards to find.

(Sahaja Douglass) now completely focuses on the healing blends she makes at her home in Topanga Canyon. The latest mixture, Shiva-Shakti, is a limited-edition collaboration with acclaimed yoga teacher Shiva Rea. The unisex oil contains jasmine, rose, and blue lotus—a mix Douglass calls “divine love essence.”

Lauren Mechling

Senior Editor, VOGUE

Martha Stewart Weddings and SAHAJA Essential Oils
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The ultimate finishing touch for your bridal ensemble.

“… you may be missing one wedding day essential you didn’t even realize you needed: the perfect wedding fragrance.
Not only will a special fragrance add a little something extra to your personal big-day experience, it will also give you and your brand-new spouse an instant, scent-oriented access point to dive into your memories of the day for years to come. Not sure you’re ready to pick out the right fragrance all on your own? Sahaja Douglass, founder and CEO of Sahaja Essential Oils and all-around fragrance maven, is here to help with a little bit of expert advice.”

Anne Momber

Contributing Writer, Martha Stewart Weddings

I got a massive headache in the middle of teaching and HYDRA almost immediately took it away! Unbelievable. It’s going to be in my bag all the time from now on. AMAZING!


Lisa Williams, Psychic Medium

I’ve been using CYBERUS and I Love it!! I just rub it on my feet and arms every time I go out after dark. I’m usually bitten up every time I go outside, but I put CYBERUS on daily when I go out at night and haven’t had a problem since.  I bring it to big outdoor events and everyone uses it, too. I’m going to take it to Hawaii with me in December and everywhere where bugs may follow. It’s the BEST!!!!


Danielle Stokdyk, producer of iZombie

Sahaja recommended CHILL for my last trip to India. The soft scent lulled me to sleep on long flights and kept me calm on bumpy rickshaw rides through hot, noisy traffic. The roll-on was so easy to apply that I found myself reaching for it every time again and again. It was a little bit of nirvana amidst the chaos of travel.


Lori McIntosh, California

The first time I sampled Sahaja Cherish Sugar Scrub I was so amazed at how it softened and conditioned my skin on the first try-I knew I had to have more and incorporate it into my skin care regimen. The fact that all the ingredients are organic in this product is an incredible bonus–literally food for your skin!  And the fragrance is divine–natural and elegant–lightly lingers on your skin all day. Finally, I love that the products are locally hand-made–ensuring high quality and freshness without unnecessary added preservatives and chemicals. This skin care line is truly the wave of the future for beauty products – back to basics, plant based and created with care. You’ll glow!
Ania Lejman, Santa Monica, CA

I use the CHILL Dead Sea Bath Salts after every hard work out and it is amazing how much better I feel. I HIGHLY recommend Sahaja’s bath salts.
Leslie, Triathlete, Santa Monica, CA

Hi Sahaja! I love the custom Verlette oil! And the diffuser is beautiful! Your card made me smile. Your oil is perfect.
Thanks so much!🐬
Verlette Franck, CA

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“SAHAJA Essential Oils Artisan Products are made from the highest quality organic, therapeutic grade essential oils. Each bottle of SAHAJA essential oil wellness blends and essential oil perfumes is hand-poured with love and tested to ensure its magnificent fragrance.”

Topanga Messenger

I am very sensitive and picky about fragrance, as scent evokes and tickles the subconscious and effects my psyche. These oils heal, relax, renew, and bring some personal zest into my life. After teaching I am often wrung out from directing so many yogi’s focus. Chill now rests in my purse to replenish me for the next class. Momma is rich and spicy, sexy even, with Frangipani anchoring the allure. Oddly, my husband prefers the Optimism; and while the description of Optimism claims that it is for grief, I find the scent so soft and delicate that I savor it before I go to sleep. I guess he does as well! This is the first time I have taken to blends, and am grateful to find some I love!

Lisa Walford, Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

The first time I met Sahaja I had an amazing conversation with her about her artisanal essential oil blends, and decided then, that one day that I would host an event at our home so people could experience her first hand.
Last June I hosted a “Day of Self-Care” for teachers at one of my favorite schools. Sahaja gave a talk about the essential essential oils and the women were able to fill themselves with beautiful words and lush oils.  Everyone loved the essential oil blends they chose. The ladies could not say enough about Sahaja and the wonderful experience they had. Sahaja blessed our gathering with her spirit and her sharing of self.
Janis Horn, Malibu, CA

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Rachel Leonard sat down with Sahaja Essential Oils creator, Sahaja Douglass, to find out about how her custom-made scents can make a wedding truly memorable on a whole new level.

“…(the bride’s wedding blend) evokes exotic, adventurous, sensual femininity and her finance’s blend evokes an earthy, strong, sensual masculinity…”

Rachel Leonard

The Bridal Council

Now we have CLARITY! I am so in love with Sahaja’s oils!
Thank you so much for the CLARITY! Sadie is already using it! We love it!
Kelly Radinski, Topanga, CA

Photographer, Natural Child Photography

Sahaja’s new line of bath salts and scrub is delightful! Clean, essential, sharply focused scents are infused into excellent salt with good dissolving characteristics. There were no lumpy undissolved crystals making the bath uncomfortable, and the scents are reviving or relaxing, depending on which you pick. The scrub is also effective with no gummy residue that’s hard to get off! And the darling pottery scoops – each one hand made and unique – are a thoughtful addition to the packaging. They are definitely collectible. Congratulations on such a fine line of products. I’m a fan!

Jennifer Diener, Santa Monica, CA

Sahaja’s CHILL Bath Salts are the perfect present – a beautifully scented hostess gift or a gift for yourself to make time to “chill” and rejuvenate.

Deborah Davidson, Beverly Hills, CA

Our experience with SAHAJA Essential Oils has been a terrific one. Their products are of the highest quality, wonderfully scented and an integral element of wellness. Sahaja, the owner of SAHAJA Essential Oils, is highly professional and really fun to work with. Her vision and passion to build community through her business are fantastic and provide us with a genuine sense of optimism.

YogaWorks. Paul Bocage, Manager

I have nothing but amazing things to say about these products!! I have been using the SCRUMPTIOUS Himalayan Salt Scrub every other day on the top of my arms. I normally have dry pimply skin there but after using the scrub it has cleared up. I find that it is so moisturizing that I do not need to put on body cream after my shower. I have also been using the CAFÉ MOCHA Dead Sea Bath Salts. They smell absolutely divine! I bathe with my 3 year old daughter so it is so lovely to know that all of the ingredients are not only organic and wild crafted but also extremely high quality. I feel so thankful I found these products.

Katie Kalil, Woodland Hills, CA

Hey Sahaja, I LOVE CHILL… it is really setting the pace for this busy hump day :).

Emily Berlin, VIE2 Cycling and Lululemon Ambassador, Santa Monica, CA

Thank you Sahaja for putting so much love and care into my case:) We just moved into a new home, and I was looking for an oil diffuser. Sahaja introduced me to the perfect one and took the time to make a custom blend of essential oils for my needs. She also made sure I knew how to use and care for the diffuser (which is easy). I am so happy with her products! It adds depth and brings a layer of magic, warmth, welcoming, and serenity into our new home. It definitely feels more homey and tranquil now. I am using the diffuser almost  24/7 (much more than I thought I would be.) I love it! Thank you Sahaja!

Michelle Bankson, Los Angeles, CA

Sahaja oils are infused with joy and love. They bring with them the beauty of nature and the Goddess. I love sharing them with my students in yoga classes, as they are balancing, heart opening, and high vibration alchemical oils.

Meghan Morris, Founder AMBA YOGA

Having never tried essential oils before, I was a little reluctant but now I am a total convert!  PEACE WITH THE PAST essential oil sits next to my computer so I am reminded to apply it daily.  The roller ball makes it so easy and every time I put it on, I feel it!  A wave of calm rolls over me as I work away throughout the day.  I can’t imagine not having this wonderful relaxing influence whenever things get a little stressful or I just need to take a deep breath.  Thank you, Sahaja, for creating such an amazing product!
Courtney Caverly

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