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SAHAJA Newsletter: November 2015

Welcome to the SAHAJA Essential Oils Monthly Newsletter.  After months of blending, sampling, testing and tweaking my Divinely Fragrant Essential Oil Perfumes, they are ready for you! These Perfumes are 100% pure, made from organic and wild crafted essential oils and a touch of jojoba oil to nourish your skin. If you are a magnet of love and charisma while wearing a SAHAJA blend—it’s not us, it’s you.

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An appreciation for the wellness benefits of essential oils is not new. Throughout history, most sophisticated cultures have used essential oils for healing, meditation, perfume, beauty care, religious rituals and offerings. The earliest recorded evidence of the use of medicinal plants for everyday life was found in cave drawings in the Dordogne region of France which date back to 20,000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians used essential oils as medicine, as part of social life, in religious rituals and even in mummification. The Bible mentions 12 essential oils including the magi’s exquisite gifts of frankincense and myrrh. In India, Ayurvedic medicine has incorporated essential oils in healing treatments for 3,000 years. And 2,400 years ago, Hippocrates wrote, “a perfumed bath and a scented massage everyday is the way to good health.” I have taken his advice to heart!
We’ve created three new bath and beauty products, in addition to the entire line of Essential Oil Perfumes.
KAVA Organic Sugar Scrub — made with all the usual SAHAJA nourishing & organic ingredients (honey, calendula oil, vit E oil, coconut oil, sugar) and infused with Brazilian Coffee essential oil and Australian sandalwood essential oil. Your skin will glow and your spirit will soar!
KAVA Dead Sea Bath Salts — made with Dead Sea Bath Salts, Brazilian Coffee  and Sandalwood Essential Oils.
COCO Dead Sea Bath Salts — made with Dead Sea Bath Salts, Cacao and Sandalwood Essential Oils.
Also, check out our newly redesigned SAHAJA Essential Oils website featuring fresh artwork for our artisan labels and products. Let us know what you think!


SAHAJA Gift Basket
SAHAJA Gift Baskets are a luxurious offering! Everyone loves a tub of divinely fragrant Sea Salts or Scrubs and our essential oil Perfumes are great for women and men. We have baskets to fit all budgets. And any of our products can be wrapped in gold or burgundy organza fabric and tied with a sheer organza bow for a gorgeous gift that will honor and impress the recipient.
When you place your order at our website by December 8, type in the code:SAHAJAHOLIDAYLOVE to receive 20% off.
November 10: Grief Haven Holiday Boutique
November 21: Pacific Palisades Women’s Club
SAHAJA Essential Oils Perfume
Here’s a tip for how to use SAHAJA products as a springboard for enhancing your health and sense of connection with your natural SELF.  This is one of my favorite relaxation rituals:
Light a non-toxic candle or put a few drops of pure Lavender essential oil into a diffuser in your bathroom. Prepare a bath. Put 2-3 scoops of CHILL or KAVA Dead Sea Bath Salts into the tub and swirl the salts around until dissolved. Turn down the lights. Soak in your warm tub, paying attention to the natural rhythm of your breath. If any negative thoughts or worries enter your mind, just let them flow away like a wave rolling back into the ocean. When you feel relaxed ponder what you are grateful for in your life. Mentally invite in positive people and experiences.
Each month, a winner of free product will be randomly chosen from all newsletter subscribers.
Last month’s winner of CHILL Dead Sea Bath Salts was Dorian Walder.
This month’s winner of KAVA Organic Sugar Scrub is Star Oakland of California.
Next month’s drawing is for: BRAINIAC perfume
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I love hearing from you, so email me at Please let me know how you like your salts, scrubs and perfumes. While my vision is big, my business is intimate and I love meeting others who share my passion for the magnificent fragrance and wellness benefits of essential oils.
With best wishes for health, peace and beauty,


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