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It has been an exciting month with SAHAJA Essential Oils being featured in VOGUE and the “launch” of SHIVA-SHAKTI, an exquisite essential oil blend that is a collaboration between beloved yoga teacher and humanitarian SHIVA REA and me. SHIVA-SHAKTI is the inaugural essential oil blend for my GOOD SCENTS Program and 20% of the profits are being donated to Embracing the World, a collection of charities that help women and families around the globe and the Solar Lamp Project which provides solar lights for at-risk youth and homeless families.

Recently, I have been taking SAHAJA blends out into the world, doing demos at my favorite boutiques–thank you Ele Keats Jewelry for including me in your Goddess Celebration and thank you Topanga Living Cafe for your graciously hosting several in-store demos — and selling directly to essential oil lovers at holiday boutiques around Los Angeles. I love  personally anointing people while educating them about essential oils and the incredible natural health and beauty benefits. Thank you to everyone who has recently spent time with me and bought SAHAJA blends and spa products.

Some people have requested that I do more in-person events, so for those who want to shop SAHAJA Essential Oils in person, email us to schedule an appointment and feel free to bring your friends.

And finally, a huge virtual embrace to new friends throughout the globe who are reading my newsletter for the first time. I hope to meet you all in person, but until then I now ship to most countries outside of the USA.

With love and gratitude for all of you, for life’s blessings and for the divine beauty of essential oils,


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Growing up I loved leafing through the pages of VOGUE, fantasizing that I might wear beautiful creations by Alexander McQueen or Chanel. So, when Lauren Mechling, a senior beauty editor at Vogue emailed me asking for samples of my essential oil blends and spa products and then interviewed me for an article I was pinch-me-I’m-dreaming excited.

If you want to read the article, click HERE



SHIVA-SHAKTI: The Essence of Divine Love

SHIVA-SHAKTI: The Essence of Divine Love is a SAHAJA Essential Oils blend created in collaboration with acclaimed yoga teacher, humanitarian and activist, SHIVA REA.

SHIVA-SHAKTI is part of our GOOD SCENTS program and 20% of the profits will be donated to Embracing the World and the Solar Lamp Project.

SHIVA-SHAKTI is hand-poured from the highest quality organic and therapeutic essential oils including: Jasmine (uplifting, sensual, anti-viral, anti-anxiety, soothes PMS), Rose (aphrodisiac, attracts love, elevates the spirit), Sandalwood (increases mental clarity, immune boosting, relaxing, sensual, encourages deep sleep, anti-viral), and Blue Lotus (elevates consciousness, calming, aphrodisiac, dispels negative emotions and thoughts). SHIVA-SHAKTI is exquisite and I am in love with this blend.

For more details and to buy SHIVA-SHAKTI, click HERE


PEACE WITH THE PAST is an organic essential oil blend created to help release anxiety from past trauma. This artisanal, hand-poured blend is made with therapeutic grade essential oils, including: Frankincense(calming, spiritually uplifting, immune boosting) Lavender (relaxing, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, Geranium (helps release negative memories, balances emotions nurtures a sense of well-being and peace), Sandalwood (grounding, aphrodisiac, anti-viral, relaxing)  Rose (intoxicating, heart-opening, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant), Spruce (releases emotional blocks, grounding, immune stimulant), Valerian (calming, relaxing, emotionally balancing) and Vanilla Nectar (satiating).
For details and to buy PEACE WITH THE PAST, click HERE


Cold and Cough Protection: RAPHAEL, made from organic essential oils of Clove, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon and Sweet Orange can be diffused to kill airborne viruses or a drop can be added to a cool beverage boost the immune system. Raphael has a warm, orange citrus-cinnamon scent. BRONCHIAD, made from essential oils of Eucalyptus, Cedar Wood, Myrrh, Melaleuca, Clove, and Melissa provides relief from congestion and coughs.

Buy them both–you will be happy to have them around to boost your immune system and provide relief.

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