During the weeks leading up to the holidays, when the pace of daily life becomes more harried, it is important to nurture ourselves. Lately, I have been taking a walk in nature every afternoon. In truth, my inspiration to get out and smell the Eucalyptus leaves has been as much about my well-being as it is about quelling the exuberance of my Newfoundland puppies who swarm me and wag their gigantic plume-like tails until I grab their leashes and head out the door with them. Even if I leave home tired, I feel rejuvenated by the time I return. Nature is the infinite source (though not a limitless resource), and connecting to it replenishes our energy.

‘Tis the season of social gatherings and so here is some history about how ancient cultures incorporated essential oils and pure fragrance into their community gatherings. In ancient Egypt, the leaders and their social circle used essential oils, and blue lotus oil in particular, to create a euphoric state in a social setting. They would pass around a vial of the oil, take turns inhaling it and in community, enjoy the uplifting qualities that the oil produced. Other cultures anointed each other in preparation for festivals and celebrations.

Pure, unadulterated fragrances can elicit feelings of joy. Floral essential oils such as rose, jasmine, lotus, geranium and many others are prized for their sweet scent as well as for the happy feelings generated by their fragrance. Aromatherapists often create a blend of floral essential oils as a remedy for depression.

During the holidays, as family and friends gather, experiment with how different essential oils affect you and those around you.




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All SAHAJA Essential Oil Perfumes are hand blended by me and made from organic, therapeutic grade essential oils chosen for their beautiful scent and holistic nature. They are mixed with a little bit of organic jojoba oil for gentle absorption.
GIFT is made from Myrrh, Sandalwood and Frankincense–oils mentioned in the bible and offered by the Magi. Perfect for holiday parties and meditation.

BRAINIAC is a woodsy-lemony blend I created for my son when he was studying for an entrance exam–the oils are known for supporting clarity and concentration (great for a day full of meetings).

CLEOPATRA is a divine blend of Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine Sambuc and Amber– my most luxurious and sensual blend.

KERALA is a spicy, charismatic blend of Sweet Amber, Tangerine and Cinnamon.

HYDRA is a minty blend that I created for a friend who gets frequent stress headaches. I have been told that the relief is immediate (but you will have to try it and see if you have the same result).

LAVENDER FIELDS is a lovely, light blend of lavender and vanilla nectar. Lavender and vanilla are known for their relaxing effect. They are nourishing for skin.


Pure, unadulterated, organic, therapeutic grade essential oils in a beautiful SAHAJA glass bottle with a roll-on applicator and gold cap.
BULGARIAN LAVENDERThe gentle, sweet scent of SAHAJA Organic Bulgarian Lavender Oil is alluring and relaxing. Lavender Oil is often called the Queen of essential oils because in addition to it’s lovely fragrance, it   soothes irritated skin.

ORGANIC FRANKINCENSE: This oil is one of my favorites. Frankincense has traditionally been used in spiritual and religious ceremonies and it is fantastic for meditation. Frankincense is often used in beauty remedies to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. You can use Frankincense on your body and face. To apply it to your face, roll the Frankincense onto your palms, rub them together and gently rub over your face, avoiding your eyes and mouth.

AUSTRALIAN SANDALWOODThe warm honey notes in the SAHAJA Australian Sandalwood Oil make this woodsy oil perfect for meditation, relaxation or date night. It has a charismatic charm. Sandalwood oil is used as an anti-inflammatory and can be used on the face and body to soothe skin.

TO ORDER, CLICK HERE: http://www.SAHAJAEssentialOils.com


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