Made from the Highest Quality Organic and Wild-Crafted Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils



CHILL1080loSAHAJA Essential Oils Artisan Products are made from the Highest Quality Organic, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Each bottle of SAHAJA Wellness Blend Perfume is hand-poured with love and tested to ensure fragrant consistency. All SAHAJA Essential Oil Wellness Blend Perfumes are a complex and harmonious mélange formulated to support wellness and to be divinely fragrant.

SAHAJA Dead Sea Bath Salts and Body Scrubs are Handcrafted in small quantities to ensure Superior Quality and Vibrant Scent. Every jar of Spa and Beauty products contains a Ceramic Scoop sculpted by Topangan potter, Kirsty Iredale. SAHAJA products are a Harmonious Synthesis of Art and Nature.

Handcrafted and Sustainable Elements surround and adorn SAHAJA Essential Oils Artisan Products. Our wide jars are lovely for repurposing and, of course, they are recyclable. You will find woven baskets, natural fiber cloths and ornaments lovingly shaped from the earth in individually selected specialty packages. Our exquisite glass perfume bottles also make lovely tiny flower vases that brighten and enhance sacred spaces.


*SahajaFusciaHeadshot600pxSahaja Douglass, Founder and CEO of SAHAJA Essential Oils

SAHAJA Essential Oils was born out of my desire to nurture and nourish others and share my passion for holistic health. My journey as a health practitioner began in my late twenties when I became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. While I loved meeting with clients, cognitive therapy without other tools, is a slow process so I sought an integrative approach that might help support my clients and deepen their self awareness.

During this same time, I was on my own personal path of developing self-awareness and optimal health. I studied and practiced yoga, eventually becoming a certified teacher; I learned the Integrated Amrita Meditation technique, practiced each day and eventually became a certified teacher: I studied the benefits of essential oils with experts and eventually began creating my own blends based on the needs of myself and my family.

My personal life evolved; I got married and birthed two vibrant boys. Raising our boys became my central focus and I was obsessed with finding the most natural remedies whenever they were sick, or ailing in any way. I found that pure essential oils were the answer to so many daily needs. When my boys were seven and nine, I was elected to the Board of Directors for Co-opportunity Natural Foods and that position led me even further down the rabbit hole of holistic health.

At home, I was using essential oils every day—for disinfecting cuts (tea tree), for eradicating viruses and harmful bacteria (rosemary, oregano, clove, etc.), for balancing hormones (clary sage), for elevating moods (rose, bergamot and other florals), for meditating (frankincense, sandalwood, rose), for helping my boys focus (cedar and vetiver) and for relaxing at bedtime (frankincense, lavender, cedar atlas). The more I used essential oils, the more I wanted to learn about them. I began studying and experimenting, creating blends for myself, my family and friends. I learned the differences between essential oils that have chemical additives, are diluted with less expensive oils and those that are pure, unadulterated, first press from high quality organic plants. I made wellness blends and sensual perfumes, bath salts, lotions, and body scrubs. I scrubbed, rubbed and diffused until finally I decided to share my creations beyond my immediate community. And that led to the inception of SAHAJA Essential Oils.

All SAHAJA products are holistic and divinely fragrant. SAHAJA Wellness Blends and Perfumes are artisan-made from the highest quality organic and therapeutic grade essential oils available. They are hand-poured into beautiful 15 ml glass bottles with a dual delivery system—they come with a roll-on insert and are mailed with an additional orifice reducer so they can be used on the body and in a diffuser. No blend or perfume is poured until it meets the criteria for wellness benefits AND delectable scent. All blends have been tested on the humans in my family.

This harmonious synthesis of nature and art is the essence of SAHAJA Essential Oils.

The essence of SAHAJA Essential Oils





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