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Healing Essential Oils And Natural Transformation 

Lately, life has felt like a series of transitions. I write this from 35,000 feet in the air, aboard a plane headed back to LA after driving around the tri-state area visiting colleges with Liam. As my days are filled with more activities, and my attention has expanded to include more responsibilities— creating, pouring, selling and teaching others about my healing essential oils blends, caring for my family, volunteering, meditating and practicing yoga—I try not to lose sight of the essence and beauty of life. I remind myself to breathe deeply and remember that all I do now is with the same purpose as it has always been. The essential question remains the same: How can I evolve as a spiritual person and contribute to my family and community in meaningful ways? How can I participate in my relationships and activities in ways that are authentic and supportive? How can I strip away the noise in my life and connect to what is integral…essential and unchanging?

And therein lies the beauty of healing essential oils and one of the reasons I spend my days absorbed in their wisdom. One drop of unadulterated healing essential oils contains the innate knowledge and healing aspects of the plant itself. Blending several essential oils together is like creating a symphony of the natural world. This sounds lofty, but I am not exaggerating. The Universe has given us everything in the natural world that we need to thrive. So when I create a new blend, it is with deep reverence for nature. I try to listen to my intuition, to guidance from the oils—which often is expressed in trying to unveil a harmonious and delectable aroma. I may be clumsy and ignorant, but the blends seem to self-correct for my human errors. And throughout this process, of my thinking I am the doer and creator of a blend, the essential oils are molding me and guiding my transformation—they are peeling away layers of imbalances and impurities, healing me and taking me on a magnificent journey. They are whispering, “look within to your core—that is where you will find the only place where there are no transitions, no change.”

I invite you to experience the sensual healing power of essential oils. Your journey will look different on the outside and I can’t wait to hear about it!


This is the year of expanded distribution. I have been researching stores around the United States that share my core values of authenticity, exceptional quality, beauty, community, sustainability and health. Starting from my hometown of Topanga Canyon and the TOPANGA LIVING CAFE, the first store to carry SAHAJA Blends, I am rippling out to Santa Monica. THE HIVE on Broadway is currently offering a limited selection and ELE KEATS JEWELRY on Montana Avenue will carry my entire collection of artisanal blends.
As the SAHAJA collection expands, my website has been updated so you can easily find what you want. You can search in a category of blends or just type the blend name or your issue into the search box.



Last month I launched the SAHAJA MINI COLLECTION: 11 of my blends in 2 ML bottles with gorgeous labels. Bottles can be bought individually or as an entire collection. They are great for carrying in your bag or giving as gifts. Check out the SAHAJA Minis.


Sunday October 23, 10 AM-2 PM: Demonstration and Mini On-site Consultations of SAHAJA Blends; TOPANGA LIVING CAFE, 1704 N Topanga Canyon Blvd Topanga, CA, 90290.

Sunday, October 30, Noon-3 PM: Presentation of the Essential Essential Oils—what they are and how you can use them for optimal benefits. Followed by a SAHAJA Essential Oils Pop-Up Boutique. RSVP to for details about the location.



A Signature Blend. In partnership with renown yoga teacher Shiva Rea, I am creating a jasmine-base blend that will be the inaugural fragrance for the Good Scents Program. 20% of profits will be donated to Shiva’s chosen non-profit organization. This artisanal essential oil blend will be launched in time for the Holidays, so put it on your wish list and do well while doing good!

SAHAJA SUBSCRIPTIONS: Also in time for the holidays, I will launch an essential oil blend of-the-month subscription. A unique organic SAHAJA blend will be shipped to you or your beloved once a month for an entire year and there will be a bonus blend and SAHAJA hemp pouch with logo and keyring included with the subscription.

NEW BLENDS: Each month, I create new blends that can be found on my website, so be sure to visit frequently or email me with questions.

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